This brief was to design the book format and cover artwork for two different versions of Daniel Defoe’s classic 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe.​ The publishers, Viking Press, have decided to re-release this title as a new pocket edition for readers on the move that reflects the adventurous nature of the story within a contemporary setting. This paperback version should have a modern visual feel that can compete with new titles in the bookshop. They also want a deluxe edition for armchair readers and classic book collectors that references the historical nature of the story and its associations. Produce book design ideas and cover artwork to reflect the content of the story across both formats and contexts. As a side project to accompany the re-release of , Viking Press has also asked you to design a new book called W​ashed ashore: The ultimate guide to surviving on a desert island​ by Rik Bennett. This is a ‘how to’ guide that should reflect not only the practical advice it offers, but something of the adventure of being a castaway.


My approach to the brief was to concentrate on the idea of paradise lost and imagine the destruction of the island's idillic lifestyle by the introduction of man(Crusoe). This design was used for both the paperback and slip covered hardback editions. The kraft paper journal-style survival guide is designed to be annotated and used as a working diary/notebook to be taken on your desert island journey.