The brief was to create a logo and brand identity across the college's internal and external channels incorporating the values of all its users: The Student Association OCASA will: Represent the vibrant and diverse body of creative people studying foundations, undergraduate and postgraduate courses with OCA. Promote and assist Advance and support the wellbeing, awareness, communication channels, arts discussion and social interaction of OCA students education of its members and students of OCA as a whole. Represent the interests of the student body its members and act as a channel of communication for students to in dealing with OCA and any other relevant bodies. Provide the means for students to organise and participate in student-led study events.


My solution was to create a logo mark that encapsulates the diverse student body of the college and their varying abilities across all disciplines. This was supported with a secondary mark and usage system for the college's many media outlets including a systematic file structure and a 64 page digital style guide.